List of confirmed team anglers (number do not mean the assigned boat number, it will be assigned to you at registration time).

1) Noah Myers, GA – Teddy Hall, TX
2) Joe Wilson, Mo – John Bradley, NC
3) Mike Green, GA – Brian McDonald, AL
4) Rondale Ketchum, AR – Stanley Ketchum, AR
5) Rev. Alan Rork, IN – Danny Cochran, TN
6) Dennis Bacon, MO – Scott Hostetler, CA
7) Martin West, AR – Randy Roberts, IN
8) Ken Stehle, MO – Joey Herman, KS
9) Ron Smith, MO – Keith Harrell, IL
10) Todd Malzahn, MO – Jason Roberts, KS
11) David Couch, MO – David Dean, IL
12) David Keinath, MO – Warren Keinath, MO
13) Chris Nordstrom, TX – Matt Erickson, TX
14) Brett Ketchum, TX – Braden Ketchum, TX
15) Greg Owen, GA – Jacob Schosser, GA
16) Richard Kujuwa, Jr, WI – Timothy Szabo, Jr, IL
17) Jerry Belew, AR – Arron Lange, MO
18) James Mathis, TN – Mike Adams, TN


Boaters wanted - if you need a person with boat, the following names are the boaters



Partner wanted if you have a boat, but need a partner, the following are the partners


updated May 24, 2018